Fiona Apple – Slow Like Honey chords

Cm7 Gm D# 


Gm yeah, some
D# old fires
Gm were
burning you came near to me and you endeared
Cm to
me but you couldn’t quite discern me Gm does
D# that scare you? I’ll let
Gm you run away
but your heart will not oblige you you’ll remember me like a
Cm melody
Adim I’ll
Cm haunt the
F world inside
Gm you
and my big secret
D# - Gonna
D win you over
Adim slow like honey,
D heavy with mood
Gm i’ll let you see me, I’ll
Cm7 covet
D# your
regard i’ll invade your demeanor and
D# you’ll
Gm yield to me like a scent in
Cm the
breeze and
Adim you’ll
Cm wonder what
F it
Gm is about
D# me
it’s my big secret
Adim -
D Keeping you
Adim coming
slow like honey, heavy with mood
Gm though dreams
Cm7 can
Gm be
D# like
Gm faces are to hearts
they serve for
A#m7 sweet
G# when
E fantasy and reality lie
G#m too far apart
E so I stretch
G#dim myself
E across, like a bridge
F# I pull you to the edge
E7 and stand there waiting
D# trying to
Gm attain
the end Gm
D# to satisfy the
D# story
Gm shall I release you?
must I release
Cm you?
as I
Adim rise
Cm to meet my
Gm glory
D# but my big
Gm secret
D# gonna hover over
D your
Adim gonna keep you reaching
when I’m gone like yesterday when I’m high like heaven when I’m strong
D like
Adim music
”cause I’m
D slow like
Gm honey,
and heavy with mood
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