Firewater – Dark Days tab

It's a shame that there isn't much Firewater here. Unfortunately I'm not quite sure what
specific notes for the intro is, and therefore I will not post it, but I think you
be able to tab it out by ear.

For the chords, I'd suggest using only the top three strings of power chords a la reggae
get the full klezmer-ish effect out of it.

A Dm A Dm A

Dm            C                    A                 Dm
 When I was born, I shamed the dawn, and saw the angels cry.

Dm                 C                 A              Dm
Raised my arms and made the stars tremble in the sky

Gm               Dm
When I sang, the choirs were humble.

Gm               Dm
When I danced the mountains crumble

Bb                    F              A
Chased the waves right back into the sea,

                               Dm   C
'cause these are dark days indeed

A                     Dm
These are dark days indeed
         Dm           C            A                    Dm
These are dark days, dark days and these are dark days indeed

((During the chanting just repeat the chords starting from "When I sang, the choirs were humble...etc))

And that's about it. Just sound it out and repeat as necessary. Enjoy

-Cpt. Pancake
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