Firewater – Strange Life chords

[Verse 1]
DmIts been a strange night
ARadio Istanbul and a seasick flight
DmAnd such a cold day
ASo many empty voices with important things to say
BbAh, but you smile
DmCause you know you wont be hanging for the trial
GTheyll have to judge you in absentia for a while
CAs your [vast and gnarled soul?] touches down
AIn a neeeeeeeeew town
DmIts been a strange life
[Verse 2]
DmIts been a bad year
AFar too many Xs in the atmosphere
DmJust like a dull knife
AYou never know when youre gonna feel the bite
BbAh, but you laugh
DmThe immigration man he wants your autograph
GAnd you catch your sad reflection in the glass
CBut you wash it from your memory like a stain
AIn a sloooooooow drain
DmIts been a strange life
[Verse 3]
DmIts been a strange life
AStumbling up the stairs and looking for the light
DmThere are no just laws
AYou know one mans battle is anothers lost cause
BbAh, but you grin
DmCause theres a sense of something coming on the wind
GAnd you really cant wait for it to begin
CAnd youre just another stranger in a strange town
AAs you toooooooouch down
DmIts been a strange life
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