First Time For Everything tab with lyrics by Five Times August - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Five Times August – First Time For Everything tab

Hey, ive been lookin for this tab for a while and havent found it, so i tried to figure
out on my own.  ive only been playin for a few months, so im sure its not completely
(if at all), but it sounds pretty close.  if you have any adjustments feel free to post 
or e-mail them to me,  Enjoy.

Standard Tuning

Capo 3

Chords used (EADGBE)

G (320033)
D/F# (200233)
Em7 (022033)
D (000232)
Dsus (000233)
Am (002210)

Intro: G   D/F#   Em7   D   Dsus

G                              D/F#
  I’m standing in the place we met
Heart shakes, and then I sweat
                          D   (Dsus)
It’s so hard to see that it’s all over

G                             D/F#
  What did I do to make this end?
And could I really be your friend?
                      D   (Dsus)
I can barely just pretend it’s over

G                               D/F#
  I’m standing in the place we first kissed
There’s so much I miss
                           D   (Dsus)
This I can’t resist cause I’m all over

G                              D/F#
  Where we took our first photograph,
And where I first held your hand and laughed
                                D     (Dsus)
Awkward moments like that have passed, it’s over


You’re fine and I believe it
I’m something you never needed
Am                            D   (Dsus)
I can’t say the same for you


G                                D/F#
     But there’s a first time for everything
And I’ll fall in love again
                D  (Dsus)       G
When I begin my second time around
It’s the last time I’ll think of you
You can do what you’d like to do
                         D   (Dsus)
But if you only knew I’m never coming back

(The rest is the same chord progression, G, D/F#, Em7, D)

I’m standing in the place we first said goodbye

I don’t know why, I so relied on you for my smile

I laid happiness in your hands

And I don’t really understand

The cost was more than I could stand

It was miles wide

(chorus x 2)
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