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Five Times August – Perfectly tab

Five Times August

Capo 4

G G/F# Em7 E7 Cadd9 Am Gsus Gsus2 [-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----0-----3-----3-----][-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----1-----3-----3-----][-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----2-----0-----0-----][-----0-----0-----2-----2-----2-----2-----0-----0-----][-----2-----0-----2-----0-----3-----0-----2-----3-----][-----3-----2-----0-----x-----0-----0-----x-----x-----]
Intro Part1 Part 2e|-----3-------3-----| |-3-3-------------|B|-------3---3---3---| |-3-3-------------|G|---0-----0---------| |-0-0h2-0h2-------|D|-------------------| x 2 |-0---------4-----| x 2A|-3-----------------| |-2---------------|E|-------------------| |-3---------------|
Part 3e|-3-3---3-------|B|-3-3---3-------|G|-0-0---0-------|D|-2-0h2-0h2-3---| x 2A|-3-3---3-------|E|---------------|
Intro (parts) P1 – P2 – P3 – P2 - P3 Riff 1 Riff 2 e|-2-3-| Am formation and pull-off + hammer-on pointer finger G You’re the centre of me (Riff 1) G/F# And you’re the sinner in me (Riff 1) Em7 E7 C9 Gsus2 A saint in the wait, but the weight keeps bringing me down G And I’m the beggar of you (Riff 1) G/F# You’re taking me when you choose (Riff 1) Em7 E7 C9 Gsus2 My words of desire are going to set me on fire tonight Am (Riff 2) Gsus C9 Cause how you leaned on me Am (Riff 2) Gsus C9 And how you’d sing to me Am (Riff 2) Gsus C9 That’s what you mean to me, And it’s perfectly you Intro: P2 – P3 – P2 – P3 G And You’re the end of my nights, (Riff 1) G/F# The starting thoughts at sunrise (Riff 2) Em7 E7 C9 Gsus2 You’ve got me changing but the same things are holding me back Am (Riff 2) But what I do, it’s all for you Gsus C9 It’s understood you don’t like the change Am (Riff 2) But don’t leave me out, I want you now Gsus C9 I’m sorry how I can’t turn you away Am (Riff 2) But you mean so much, a priceless touch Gsus C9 And I worry, when you’re not perfectly you Intro: P2 – P3 – P2 – P3
Outro: e|----------3--| B|----------3--| G|-4--2--0--0--| D|----------0--| A|----------2--| E|----------3--|
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