Foster And Allen – Darling Say Youll Love Me When Im Old chords

Left handed
Capo II

Verse 1
G CTwo lovers they were walking hand, in hand.
D GThe maiden wore a shiny, wedding band.
G C She said my love, "You've won my heart, and soul.
D GSo promise that, you'll love me when I'm old."
G CAnd I will say "You'll love me when I'm old."
D GWhen dark clouds gather round, and nights are cold.
G CAnd say "You'll never trade our love, for gold."
D GOh Darling say you'll love me, when I'm old.
Verse 2
G CHe kissed her lips and touched her gold-den hair.
D GThen looked upon her face, so young and fair.
G CHe held her gently to his loving, arms.
D GSaying "Only God above could make us part."
Chorus Interlude
G C GVerse 3
G CThey lived so many years as man and, wife.
D GWith seven kids to grace their happy, lives.
G CSometimes the clouds grew dark, and nights were cold.
D GSomehow their love grew strong, as they grew old.
D GOh Darling say you'll love me.... when I'm old.
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