Frames – Plateau tab

By The Frames


e|---------------------| -|--1---1---1---1------| -|----0---0---0---0----| -|---------------------| -|---------------------| E|--1-------3----------|
Repeat the above a good few times using finger picking (a thumb comes in handy for the F note). Rest of song: Most of the song just alternates between an F and a G. For the two tense "breaks" in the song, fiddle with an Am like so:
e-3--2 B-1--1 G-0--0 D-2--2 A-0--0 E-x--x
Alternate between the two chords above for these breaks. And then you get to the "Me myself again" bit where the chords go: C, F, C, F, G, F And then back to F and G. Things to try/note: Try leaving the G string open during ALL the chords in the song.
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