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Frames – Lay Me Down tab

Lay Me Down by "The Frames"Tabbed by *Alan4*Chords; D Gm Ae---2----3----0----|B---3----3----2----|G---2----3----2----|D---0----5----2----|A---0----5----0----|E---0----3----0----|
Intro Riff; De----2-------------|B----3-------------|G----0-h-2---------|D------------------|A------------------|E------------------|
Verse: D I will write you letters that Gm D explain the way feeling (Don't know the lyrics, sorry) Verse continues G and D Chorus; A D Lay me down A D in the hallowed ground A D A down by your side i will stay D Gm D Gm D so lay me down That's basically it. If you need any help, mail me; *Alan4*
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