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The Blood

Im almost 100% sure of this, i watched the concert they did that haloween on tv.
The position of the chords is right anyway and it sounds good. Im not too sure about
theDadd9. It makes sense for it to be a D or Dm but Glen doest use a bar chord so, i

intro"ahh a-a-a-ahhh ahhhh ahh"---LOL A Dadd9(??)E----0-----0-----------|B----5-----5-----------|G----6-----7-----------|D----7-----7-----------|A----7-----5-----------|E----5-----------------|
"when you look to find...." F#m E AE----9-----7----5---------|B----10----9----7---------|G----11----9----7---------|D----11----9----7---------|A----9-----7----5---------|E-------------------------|
"i cant explain......" E DE--0-----3--------------|B--0-----2--------------|G--1-----3--------------|D--2-----0--------------|A--2--------------------|E--0--------------------|
Chris Murphy,
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