Frank Turner – Dans Song chords

So, the other version that's up here is too hard for me as a beginner, so I worked 
an easier version for people who like me aren't hugely bothered about it being in 
the right key, so long as we can play it.

Capo 4

C EmMe and my friend Dan are gonna get some beers and then
F G CWe’re gonna go down to the park and drink them there
C Em We'll bask out in the sun, bring a guitar and play some songs
F G AmCall up our friends and invite them out to share
Em F C What might be the last weekend of the summer
Dm AmCause September's getting colder as it goes
F G C Em AmAnd we haven't done enough of this simple kind of stuff
F G Cthis year. It's clear we're getting older and it shows
C Em F Work weeks make us weary now and school's a distant memory
G CIt’s easy to ask questions of ourselves,
C Em FLike: where it is we're going now and what we have to show
G AmFor all the sunny days shut up in the shells
Em F C Of expectations of our ultimate directions
Dm AmAnd the stations that we should have reached by now
F G C Em AmWhen we haven't read the script and our tender wings are clipped
F G CAnd we're scared we might be letting someone down
C G F Dm C G F Em Dm Em Dm
C Em So we listen to these heartbreak songs when nothing’s really wrong
F G CAnd we smile when we're asked and say we're fine
C EmBut we're drifting through our middle days, we're creeping into middle age
F G AmSetting in our ways... But now it's time
Em F C To decide now its time to draw a line
Dm AmIn the sand and ask what's more important than days like today
F G C Em AmSo grab some beers call your friends and meet us here
F G C G CIn the summer park with me and my friend Dan
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