Frankie Cosmos – Birthday Song chords

Ab DbJust because I am a certain age
Db AbDoesn't mean that I am any older
Ab Bbm BbmThan I was yesterday
Ab DbCause I get all flushed and ugly
Db Ab Wonder however he loved me
Ab Bbm BbmI am so clumsy
AbI think
Bbm Cm AbHow repulsive to you it must be
Bbm Cm AbWhen I refuse to do the
Bbm Cm AbThings you want me to
Ab DbI hate everybody in this town
Db AbSo I walk around with my head down
Ab Bbm BbmAnd sit alone
Ab DbSometimes I just want you, Jojo
Db AbBut I know that that is no, no
Ab Bbm Bbm Ab It's so impossible, ooooooo
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