Ballad Of R And J chords with lyrics by Frankie Cosmos - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Frankie Cosmos – Ballad Of R And J chords

D A F#mI’ll give it back if you want it
D A F#m DAll that time you wasted on it
D F# GI dreamed of you in the car
D F# GI wanna know how you are
D A F#mFrom August to October
D A F#m DIt felt like it was over
D F# GDon’t wear yourself out me
D F# GDon’t lie down about me
[Chorus] (riff) Ricky felt alone now (riff) So he went to the store (riff) Gathered up some flowers (riff) To mail to Julie’s door [Verse]
D A F#mThe field so watery and wide
D A F#m DPasses me on either side
D F# GDidn’t talk to you today
D F# GDoesn’t matter either way
D A F#mYou know I like 'em cut
D A F#m DWith a certain I-don’t-know-what
D F# GDipped into the reserve
D F# GBathed in the dirt I deserve
[Chorus] (riff) Julie had his flowers (riff) Taped up on the wall (riff) "It's better to love Ricky (riff) From afar than not at all" [Outro]
D A G(riff chorus)
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