Fruit Bats – Dolly chords

G CDolly, you better run - he ain't never gonna leave you
Em C BbNever gonna see what a wreck you are
G CI know that you tried your best but you better slip away dear
EmYou couldn't sabotoge it
C BbYou couldn't fuck it up
Am DBut maybe I'll come along if it's cool with you
Am DCuz Dolly you know I'd do anything for you
Am D CDolly, Dolly oh babe anything for you
G C Dolly, it's best you left - he's always gonna love ya
Em C BbHe's always gonna see past the things you've done
G CI know he's an easy meal but you know you gotta ramble
EmYou know that its a big world
C BbJust say its done
Am DAnd maybe out on the road you could be with me
Am DYou know that I'd never let you not be free
Am DDolly, Dolly oh babe always stay near me
Am D CDolly, Dolly oh babe always stay with me
Same as before: Dolly you'd better bail, 'cause he's never gonna figure Never gonna see that you're wrong for him Dolly you're such a mess he ain't never gonna leave ya Better come with me love I'm gonna fix you up If not then perhaps we'll meet in a week or two Maybe by then I'll be good enough for you Dolly, Dolly oh babe good enough for you
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