Frusciante John - Soul Removal tab

Author/Artist: John Frusciante
Title: Soul Removal
Album: Niandra LaDes (Cassette Version)
Transcribed by: Itay Auerbach

Tab brought to UG by UtBDan

-akward tuning moments lol-----1---1--------------------------------------------0-----1---1--|--------------3---3---3--------------------0--0-0--0--------------|-----------------------------------0----0--4--4-4-----------------|-0----0---------------------0-0--0-5--5-5---------------0----0----|-----------1----1-----1--0--5-5--5--------------------------------|-------------------------5----------------------------------------|
-----1---1------------------5---5-------------------1---1---------------5---5-|-----------------3---3-------------------5---5---------------3---3------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|---0---0------------------3---3-------------------0---0---------------3---3---|---------------1---1-------------------3---3---------------1---1--------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A dove is a glove that I wear in my heart Though I like to
------------------------------------------------------------------------------|---------5---5----------3---3----3---3-----2---2-----2---2--------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------4----4\2--------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-------3---3----------1---1----1---1-----0---0-----0---0----------------------|------------------------------------------------------------3---3--3\1--1-1---| dress smart It doesn't have any part of the world of fashion And I've turn my
------------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------2-2-----2---------------------------------2---2----2------------------|-2-----------------------4--4\2--------2---2--2-2---2---2----2--4---x---------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|------0-----0-0-------------------------------0-------------------------------|---1-----------------3-3----3\1----1-1---1------------------------3---3-------| cash in to a man who found his street I'll think he's
--------------------------------------------------0---------0----------0------|-----------------2-2-----2-2-------3-3-3---3--------3---------3----------3----|-4\2---2---2-----------------------3-3-3---3----------2---------2----------2--|----------------------------------------------0-0-------0-0--------3-3--------|-------------0-0-----0-0---------3-------3----0-0-------0-0--------3-3--------|-3\1-1---1--------------------------------------------------------------------| the meat that I ate to escape from a mean
-----0----------0----------------------------------|-------3----------3--------3---3-----3---3---------|---------2----------2------------------------------|-3-3--------0-0-------0-0----0---0-0---0---0-0-0-0-|-3-3--------0---------0----------0-----------------|---------------------------------------------------| a cake
Dm C Bb Am I hold my face to go to Paris and die G F E Because the part of the pie F G A That we just stand in here F G A Today put in your face G F Here all over my tears E That I keep my anger now E11 Whoo whoo F G 'cause you kept them round C I wish I could (?) F Fork for my affections too much Em Dm C Bb A For you me to burn them anymore Bb C D What I mean is this boy again I can't play Bb C D C Bb And I feel that today scared me away F And that's song there is A I was throwing back the world Bb C F A Bb It's as real as a girl blabbin nothing outside my window Dm Bb What do I have to show Dm C To a world that the only way to destroy Bb Am Is to die like a baby boy G Bb I could be a I could be hap I could be happy in infinity C G Bb Of the space in my eye lid F But I know I'm somewhere else C Where the words on this page G Bb Would be the scribbling nonsense they are Bbm And it would be real Bb I'll eat my last meal B C# Wish you I could feel Ebm But I don't know where I am B C# Wish you I could feel Ebm But I don't know where I am B C# Wish you I could feel Ebm G# But now I don't even know Ebm Where I am Feel a shadow man
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