Frusciante John – Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World tab

Song: Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
Artist: John Frusciante
Album: We Are A Happy Family - A Tribute To The Ramones (2003)

Chordsheet created by Syd Morbid 

About the song
Originally written and performed by The Ramones. The version recorded
by John Frusciante is really nice. Strumming is tricky, but practice
makes perfect ;-)

Simple and basic chords, sounds good with either barre or open chords.

C x32010 or x35553
G 320003 or 355433
E 022100
D xx0232 or x57775
A x02220 or 577655

C - G - E (x4) 
D - E (x4) 


C                     G                E 
Well I'm a nazi baby, I'm a nazi yes I am 

C                      G                          E 
I'm a nazi soldier and I'm fighting for the fatherland 

(Repeat these two lines)


D             E    D               E 
Little German boy, getting pushed around 

D             E    D            E 
Little German boy, in a German town 

(repeat verse and chorus section) 

Outro Chorus

A                D            E 
Today your love, tomorrow the world (x5) 

A - D - E (let the final E ring out)
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