Fryderyk Chopin – Nocturne In Fm tab

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Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 09:42:16 +0000
From: weed 
Subject: TAB: Nocturne in Fm by F Chopin

NOCTURNE IN Fm: F F Chopin (1810-1849)

guitar tablature: Weed 


This is a simple arrangement of the opening theme, transposed
to the key of Am.

The first two beats of bars 3 and 5 are dotted quavers
followed by semi-quavers (top 2 strings). The third beat of
bar 7 is a dotted quaver followed by 2 demi-semi-quavers
(or a hammer from the 2nd to the 3rd fret), and the fourth
beat is a dotted quaver followed by a semi-quaver, as is the
fourth beat of bar 8.

The third and fourth beats of bar 4 and the first and second
beats of bar 5 are triplets (top 3 strings), with the last
note in the triplet on the second beat of the fifth bar being
a hammer from the open string to the first fret.

The chords on the second beat of bar 4 and the third beat of
bar 8 should ripple upwards.

4/4 time   Andante

1--|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|----|----|---|---|E -----------------|-------5---3---1---|---0----0--1-0-------|B -------------5---|-------5---3-------|------4----------0---|G -----------------|-------5-----------|-----------------1---|D -----------------|-------------------|-----------------2---|A -----------------|---0-------2-------|---3-----------------|E -----------------|-------------------|-------------0-------|
4--|---|---|-----|-----|---|-----|-------|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|E -----5---3-----1-3-1-|---0-------3-0h1-0-------|-------5---3---1---|B -----5-------3-------|-------0-1-----------0---|-------5---3-------|G -----5-----0---------|-----0---------------1---|-------5-----------|D ---------------------|---------------------2---|-------------------|A -0-------2-----------|---3---------------------|---0-------2-------|E ---------------------|-----------------0-------|-------------------|
7--|---|---|-----|----|---|---|---|---|----|---|---|---|---|---||E -0-------------0--1-|--------------------|-------------------||B ---------3--2h3-----|---1-------1---0----|-------------------||G ---------2----------|---2-------1------2-|---2---------------||D ---------0----------|-----------2--------|---2---------------||A -3------------------|---0----------------|---0---------------||E --------------------|-----------0--------|-------------------||
Weed 1 October
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