G Love And Special Sauce – Sometimes tab

intro: Bbm7 w/ riff 1  (4x)

verse 1:
I'll always have myself, a freak to tell a tale
sittin' on a stair, which way to find someone
lookin' around the city, lookin' for my picture
i lost my money and my wallet at the bar with my mind so
oh mister can you find, miss did you see me
strange things' faces in the places i've gots to be
sometimes (bend)
you know what's on my mind (riff 1)
sometimes (bend)
you know what's on my mind (riff 1)

breakdown (2x)

verse 2:
everywhere's i go, it's true i've got to go on my own
need someone to warm my soul, what to warm
i get a bowl of soup, i fell warm ifeel warm
i'm asking to a alley cat, don't tell me nothing
one thing i sees peoples they mean
lookin for my brother, my brothers they're all gone
gone to drive, i drive to stay alive

F7#9        E7#9
    Eb7#9             D7#9
you know what's on my mind  (3x)
F7#9     E7#9     Eb7#9    D7#9
sometimes sometimes sometimes

Bbm7 w/ riff 1

verse 3:
ifound a friend (riff 1)
before he drops me
i met this girl (riff 1)
she wouldn't love me
i made some noise (riff 1)
oh it was ugly
see i played myself (riff 1)
i can't get lucky, what you thinkin'
always thinkin' much to learn, time to burn

breakdown (2x)

repeat chorus

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