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Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 03:30:59 +0000 (GMT)
From: (Rick L)
Subject: CRD:  One In A Hundred     Gene Clark    Chords/Lyrics

Gene Clark    One In A Hundred  written by Gene Clark

Roger McGuinn   12 string/vocals
David Crosby    guitar/vocals
Chris Hillman   bass
Mike Clarke     drums

the solo version on White Light LP  is in the key of A

E              A     F#m            B
Don't you come down  don't you feel bad
E                C#m                A                   B
Even though your dreams are of the  things you've never had
E            A
Close to the earth
F#m         B
Near to the sun
E               C#m
Reflecting your own life
        A                 B            E  D  A  E  C#m A  B
You can see  that you can be more than one
E              A    F#m         B
Hear the bells ring morning has come
E        C#m               A                  B
Over the town the morning  star fades  in the dawn
E         A     F#m          B
Voices of time  bringing surprise
E           C#m            A
Voices that sing in waking moments
        B           E  D  A   E   C#m  A  B
To Look into life's eye
A                            B   E
Aren't you glad its another  day look and tell
A                       B               D                    B
So you though you would run away but you know  that way too well
E          A
Rhythms of rhyme
F#m           B
Seasons shall say
E            C#m                 A          B
To look at a longer life  now  a longer yesterday
E              A
Don't you come down
F#m                 B
You know you're the one
E             C#m
Looking at tomorrow
Let your your troubles
          B             E  D   A   E  C#m A
Fade  and fly into the sun

Irving Music(BMI)
>From The Roadmaster LP   Edsel Records
>From The White Light LP  A & M Records
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