Girls – Oh Boy tab

Song: Oh, Boy
Band: Girls
Tabbed by: JD Farley

This song is unreleased, but you can find a video on youtube of them doing it acoustic.
video is what I tabbed this from. I don’t have the lead part yet, because the video
focus on him very much, but he is basically doing the same thing with a C shape higher 
the fretboard with some pinky smears and pulloffs. Enjoy

Verse:Guitar 1: Rhythm C Ame|-------------------------------------------|B|--------1------------------1---------------|G|------0---0--------------2---2-------------|D|----2-------2----------2-------2-----------|A|--3-----------3--2--0------------0--2--3---|E|-------------------------------------------|
Guitar 1: RhythmChorus: G (Let Ring)e|---3--3--3----3-------------------------------|B|---3--3--3----3-------------------------------|G|---0--0--0----0-------------------------------|D|---0--0--0----0-------------------------------|A|---2--2--2----2-------------------------------|E|---3--3--3----3-------------------------------|
Tears on the telephone Salt in my mouth Hate in my heart Spinning me out Drivin me crazy, oh boy. Dreamin of you Wish I was someone, oh boy That you could love too Feet on the ground an’ Sun in the sky Everything’s cool I just Wish I knew why I feel so lonesome, oh boy When im not with you I love you so much, oh boy I wish I was you Questions, Comments, jdf121(AT)sbcglobal(DOT)com
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