Oh Boy tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Girls - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Girls – Oh Boy tab ver. 2

song: OH BOY
band: GIRLS
album: ALBUM
tabbed by Frank Gg from the Tudy Island
standard tuning
the way i did this tab allows you to learn it easily 
from an iphone
I tabbed this song by watching an acoustic 
rendition recorded in the SPIN office in NY in 2009


C Ame-----------0--------------0---------|B---------1--------------1-----------|G-------0--------------2-------------|D------------------------------------|A-----3----------3-2-0------0-2------|E------------------------------------|
----------------------------------------------------- VERSES
First Guitar (Christopher Owens) C Ame-----------0--------------0---------|B---------1--------------1-----------|G-------0--------------2-------------|D------------------------------------|A-----3----------3-2-0------0-2------|E------------------------------------|
Solo Guitar (Ryan W Lynch?) C Ame-------------8h10h8-------5h7h5-----|B-----------8------------5-----------|G---------9------------5-------------|D------10------------7---------------|A------------------------------------|E------------------------------------|
a tears on my telephone salt in my mouth hate in my heart baby spinning me out c feet on the ground sun in the sky everything's cool i just wish i knew why ----------------------------------------------------- CHORUS He plays this part in picking but i don't know exactly how he does it
Dm D? G let ringe---1---1---3--------------------------|B---3---1---3--------------------------|G---2---2---0--------------------------|D---0---0---0--------------------------|A---x---x---2--------------------------|E---x---x---3--------------------------|
b drivin' me crazy oh boy dreamin' of you Then he plays the verse part (wich is also the intro) two times. Then he get back to the chorus wish i was someone oh boy that you can love too d i feel so lonesome oh boy when im not with you i love you so much oh boy i wish i was you -----------------------------------------------------
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