Glen Hansard And Marketa Irglova – If You Want Me chords

Gm CmAre you really here? Or am I dreaming?
D D7I can't tell dreams from truth for its been so
Gm CmLong since I have seen you
D D7I can hardly remember your face anymore
Gm CmWhen I get really lonely
D D7And the distance causes our silence
Gm CmAnd I think Of you smiling
D D7With pride in your eye, A lover that sighs
Gm Cm Dm GmIf you / Want me / Satisfy / Me
Gm Cm Dm GmIf you / Want me / Satisfy / Me
Gm CmDo you really think that you'd believe me
D D7When others say I / Lie
Gm CmI wonder if you ever could Ever despise me
D D7Though you know I really / Try
Gm CmTo be the better one To satisfy you
D D7Because your everything / to me
Gm CmAnd I'll do What you ask me
D D7If you let me be / Free
[Chorus] x 2 (Just a condensed version of the existing chords..)
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