Gotye – Coming Back chords

(Cappo on 8th Fret)
EmYou've been gone much longer than you
EmEver said you had the plan to
EmI'm just gonna wait 'til you come home
EmThough I count the days, they're grey without you
EmThe weather's much better when I think about you
AmI'm just gonna wait 'til you come home
EmEmpty glasses, burnt out matches
EmCurtains drawn on near-full blackness
EmI'm sleeping through the day you're coming home
AmTo reclaim this hardship home
EmNever leave me
EmMake me burn
AmYou're coming back
EmYou're coming back
EmI'll wait patiently
EmFor your return
AmYou're coming back
EmYou're coming back
EmI'm clutching at straws
EmI'm climbing up the walls
AmBut every time I fall
EmBack into my hole
EmI'm feeling like a wretch
EmI'm looking for a catch
AmBut you're an itch I can't stratch
EmI know you're coming back
EmYou've been gone so long you're fading
EmAnd it takes all the time I can find just retaining
EmThoughts of what we did while you were here
AmBut I know you will return, my dear
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