Gotye – Save Me chords

Capo 4

D G F D C D G D C Am D

Am7In the mornings
I was anxious
Am Em Am DIt's better just to stay in bed
G ADidn't want to fail myself again
D AmRunning through all the options
And the endings Were rolling out in front of me
DBut I couldn't choose a thread to begin
D AAnd I could not love
Am DCoz I could not love myself
EmNever good enough, no
Am DThat was all I'd tell myself
G Em7And I was not well
DBut I could not help myself
I was giving up on living Em7 D Am D Em7 D Am Em G Dm
DIn the morning
AmYou were leaving
A EmTravelling south again
Am D A Am DAnd you said you were not unprepared
And all the dead ends And disappointments
Am Em7 AmWere fading from your memory
A D AmReady for that lonely life to end
D A Em7And you gave me love
Am DWhen I could not love myself
G Em7And you made me turn
Am DFrom the way I saw myself
GAnd you're patient, love
DAnd you help me help myself
And you save me And you save me Yeah you save me
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