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Grateful Dead – Till The Morning Comes tab

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From: Harlan L Thompson 


E D A  E D A
                   E G D              A
Till the morning comes, it'll do you fine
                   E G D                 A
Till the morning comes, like a highway sign
                 E           D
Showing you the way, leaving no doubt
        A      E         D        A
Of the way on in or the way back out

E7+9               A7  E7+9                A7
Tell you what I'll do, I'll watch out for you
B7+5       B7    E7   A7            D
You're my woman now, make yourself easy
               Dm                  Am (Bm7) E
Make yourself easy, make yourself easy

Till we all fall down, it'll do you fine
Don't think about what you left behind
The way you came or the way that you go
Let your tracks be lost in the dark and snow ...CHORUS

When the shadows grow, it'll do you fine
When the cold winds blow, it'll ease your mind
The shape it takes could be yours to chose
What you may win, what you may lose ...CHORUS

Bm          A    E
You're my woman now (make yourself easy)

E7+9: x 0 2 1 3 3    B7+5: x 2 1 2 0 3

(from American Beauty, 1970)
(sent by Harlan at harlant@hawaii.edu)
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