Gray David – As Im Leaving tab

*CAPO on 2nd Fret*

Intro/Verse |Riff| : (Cmaj7, Em7.... Cmaj7, Gmaj7/D)

:VERSE 1: |Riff| As I'm leaving |Riff| A change comes on my eyes |Riff| These streets persuading me |Riff| With mumbled strange goodbyes. :CHORUS: C And through the water D Through the rain Am G To the soul of everything C Throw my heart out D On the stones |Riff| And I'm almost gone. :VERSE 2: |Riff| And there's no meaning |Riff| In clothes and coffee cups |Riff| Cheap hotel furniture |Riff| Where silence never stops. :Repeat CHORUS :VERSE 3: |Riff| And now I'm dreaming |Riff| I'm staring at the walls |Riff| Cars all frozen now |Riff| In late night waterfalls. :Repeat CHORUS --------------------------------------------------------------------- h: Hammer-on
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