Gray David – Freedom tab

Freedom  by David Gray

"For a Fuzzy girl I used to know"

Play Cappo'd on 2nd Fret


(C) (C7) (Am) (F) (G) (Cmaj7)e|--0--|--0--|--0--|--1--|--3--|--0--|B|--1--|--1--|--1--|--1--|--0--|--0--|G|--0--|--3--|--2--|--2--|--0--|--0--|D|--2--|--2--|--2--|--3--|--0--|--2--|A|--3--|--3--|--0--|--3--|--2--|--3--|E|--x--|--X--|--X--|--1--|--3--|--X--|
C Take your eyes off me There's nothing here to see Just trying to keep my head together And as we make our vow Let us remember how There's nothing good that lasts forever BRIDGE F, C CHORUS G Time out on the running boards Am We're running F C Through a world that lost it's meaning G Trying to find a way to love Am C7 F This running Ain't no kind of freedom C Feel the touch of grief You stand in disbelief Can steal the earth from right beneath you And falling in so far They know just where you are Yeah but there ain't no way to reach you REPEAT CHORUS Freedom yeah C It's time to clean these boots Fold up these parachutes The words goodbye but I can't say it The end is close at hand I think we understand There ain't no use trying to delay it REPEAT CHORUS Freedom freedom Freedom REPEAT CHORUS Of freedom Freedom INSTRUMENTAL REPEAT CHORUS C Fasten on my mask I'm bending to the task I know this work is never finished And if I close my eyes I can still see you dancing Laughing loud and undiminished
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