Dance Dance tab with lyrics by Great Big Sea - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Great Big Sea – Dance Dance tab

 "Dance Dance" (Doyle/Mccann/Hallett/Workman/O’brien)
  From "Fortune's Favour"(2008)

 Tune the Low E string down to D (DADGbe)
 and Capo to the fifth fret. 

 Intro: D Asus4 D X2
         D           G
 Friday night, seventeen,
          D                        G          Asus4
 Got my hands on the wheel but my mind is on Jeen.
          D                 G
 Her silhouette, I can’t forget,
         Cadd9  G/b     D
 But I’m gonna ask her yet.
 My brother’s truck, my Sunday slacks,
 I’ve been working all week and I’ve got five bucks for gas.
 And just for luck, my grandfather’s flask
 It’s gonna take some nerve to ask.

            G           Asus4            D               G
 Won’t you dance, dance with me one more time, one more time.
   G           Asus4             D
 Dance, dance with me one more time.
    G                Asus4   D               Bm
 Before the band is done, before your daddy comes.
  G            Asus4            D
 Dance, dance with me one more time.

  Intro X1

 She’s the apple of his eye,
 and there’s no way in hell he’ll let her out of his sight.
 There’ll be trouble, maybe a fight,
 if he knew what I had in mind.

 CHORUS, Intro

 Oh one more time¬ÖBREAK:
 intro | D G Bm A X2| Intro
 I see it now, as plain as day,
 A church and a chaplain on our wedding day
 Dressed in white she looks so fine,
 You never know, she just might.
 I’m gonna have to ask her tonight...


 Oh one more time¬Ö Intro X2
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