Green Day – Waiting tab ver. 2

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Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 21:33:22 -0500
From: "Luke Kendrick" 
Subject: g/green_day/waiting.crd

Artist: Green Day
Song: Waiting
Album: Warning
Tabbed by:

Ok this is my fav song from warning, and although there are a few tabs for it
already I dont think any one of them are completly right. This is how I play
it and the chords are definetly right, Ive included the basic solo but I'll
leave it to you to fine-tune it. Its all power chords anyway so its not very
hard. You can drop d it if you want but theres no need really.



				   Green Day

These are the chords you'll need G#5 C#5 A#5 F5 F5/E D#5EI--------------------------BI--------------------------GI-------6---------------8--DI---6---6---8---3---3---8--AI---6---4---8---3---3---6--EI---4-------6---1---0------
For the C#5 chord in the verse you could use the 9th fret option (9-11-11-X-X-X) if you want to, but I dont think thats what Billy Joe does. VERSES: G#5 C#5 A#5 C#5 I been waiting a long time for this m... G#5 C#5 A#5 C#5 destined, for anything at a-a-all You just repeat that for all the verses, kicking in the overdrive where necessary. BRIDGE: F5 F5/E D#5 A#5 Well Im so much closer than I have ever known CHORUS: The 'Wake up' and 'better thank your lucky stars' bit. Listen to the CD to get the rhythm of this.
On the first time through this bit just do the first two chords worth. On the second time do the whole thing 3 times and then;
On the third time do the first bit about 3 times and go straight back into the verse chords. After the second chorus thing it goes straight into the Solo which is; SOLO:
Sorry if thats all a bit confusing, I havent laid it out very well. Everythings there though, just listen to the cd and play along and you'll see what Im getting at. Im not putting the lyrics in coz theyre all in the cd booklet anyway. Comments, corrections, blah blah blah to
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