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Green Jelly – Green Jello Theme tab

Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 18:15:24 -0400 (EDT)
From: ShadowRunner 

Here's a tablature for Green Jelly's "Green Jelly Theme Song" off the Cereal
Killer Soundtrack Album.
If anyone can send me any other Green Jelly tabs (esp- Obey the CowGod) I'd
be grateful. Now for the music!

                                        The Green Jello Theme Song

Have a---> Greenbunch of | Jelloyour friends| | Sucks!yell this. | | | | | |--------x---------| This is the main riff--------x---------|--------x---------| It is played throughout the-7-9-7--x---------|-5-7-5--x-7-9-7-5-|--------x-5-7-5-3-| whole song with increasing speed.
Lyrics: (play riff as you sing) Got nothing to do, on a Friday night! Green Jello Sucks! Ain't got no talent, but that's alright. Green Jello Sucks! We're the worst, the worst in the land... Green Jello Sucks! But c'mon! Gotta give us a hand! Green Jello Sucks! Iggy and Girdie, they're both good names. Green Jello Sucks! Maynard and Poopie, they're both insane! Green Jello Sucks! But when life's, just a game, who's to blame? Green Jello Sucks! Green Jello. Green Jello Sucks! (from this point on, have people yell "Green Jello Sucks" every time you play the riff instead of every other time you play it) Yeah, that's right. We're the source of the world's economic problems. You can blame it all on us, it's our fault! Hello Jello, Green Jello. Hello Jello, Green Jello. Hello Jello Green Jello! Hello Jello, Green Jello! Hello Jello, Green Jello! Hello Jello Green Jello! GReen Jello! Green Jello! GReen Jello! Gel for the future! Gel for the future! Gel... for YOUR future. And scream.... Green.... (people laughing and yelling) (play riff final time) Green Jello Sucks! (people laughing, yelling "Green Jello Sucks", piggy noises, things breaking, you get the idea) And that's it! Pretty simple, but all of their songs are fairly simple. When a man lies, he murders some part of the world... -Cliff Burton-
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