Ghost chords with lyrics by Gregory And The Hawk - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gregory And The Hawk – Ghost chords

capo 5

INTRO: Am7 C Dsus C|--0---3---3---3~0---||--1---1---3---1-1---||--0---0---2---0-0---||--2---2---0---2-2---||--0---3---x---3-3---||--x---x---x---x-x---|
Am7 C Dsus Cadd9|--0---3---3---0~0---||--1---1---3---3-0---||--0---0---2---0-0---||--2---2---0---2-2---||--0---3---x---3-3---||--x---x---x---x-x---|
VERSE: Am7 C Dsus C|--0---3---3---3---||--1---1---3---1---||--0---0---2---0---||--2---2---0---2---| 3X|--0---3---x---3---||--x---x---x---x---|
Am7 C Dsus|--0---3---3---||--1---1---3---||--0---0---2---||--2---2---0---||--0---3---x---||--x---x---x---|
REF: C, D(sus) 4x VERSE... REF: C, D(sus) 3x BRIDGE: Am7, G, C 4x Am7, G REF: C, D 4x __________________________________________________________
Am7 C DI woke up with my head on a bee's nest
C Am7And my feet on your jacket
C D C Am7It was a wild it was a wrong it was a long long night
C DAnd your lips like little stings
C Am7Set me to wondering
C DIf there's anyway and anytime
CI could have, I would have tried
DI had you back but then you ran
CLike you never ever knew me
DFall into my arms again
CLike you always wanted to
DYou always wanted to
C DBut you never ever knew
I woke up with my mind on a reason For why it's right to be leavin' you Until we're drawn into the swarm Of a warm white tide And your lips like little stings Set me to wondering If there's anyway and anytime I could have, I would have tried Am7
G CAnd now you find it's harder
Am7 G C Am7to see the future so clearly
G C Am7will it always be
G C Am7will it always be
Gwill it always be
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