Gregory And The Hawk - For The Best chords version 1

I'm not sure how correct this is but I really wanted to play it so this is what I did.

Standard Tuning
Capo on 2nd fret
Chords:  F C G

Intro: F C G  F C G G

FI really wanna find a bar
C GAnd mix the fear up with a friend
F Plant a joke kiss on your arm
C GAnd give you skull tattoos in pen
FI wanna know
C GDo I dance inside your head
FAs our looks are crossed
C GCause all I feel is that I'm caught in it
Break (F C G G G G)
FI really wanna go to bed
C GBut the feeling in my chest
FI feel lost again
C GBut this time for the best
FI wanna know
C GDo I smooth your checkered past
FDoes your hope flow
C GWhen you call me your last
FI really hope you're on at eight
C GWith no commercial breaks
FAnd the sofa sinks
C GUnderneath our doubled weight
FIf I love you
C GLike I loved you from afar
F CIf you love me
G F CWhen your skin isn't so hard
G F CWhen your skin isn't so hard
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