Guess Who – Laughing tab

The Guess Who

Verse 1:x---------x------------x-----------------x------------------x- Ex---------x------------x-----------------x------------------x- Ax---------x------------x-----------------x------------------x- D6---------6------------6-----------------6------------------6- G5---------5------------6-----------------7------------------8- B5---------5------------5-----------------5------------------5- E I should laugh, but I cry, because your love has passed me by.
------------------x---------------------x---------------x----- E------------------x---------------------x---------------x----- A------------------x---------------------x---------------x----- D------------------6---------------------5---------------4----- G------------------7---------------------6---------------5----- B------------------5---------------------5---------------4----- EYou took me by surprise. You didn't realize that I was waiting.
Chorus: E A Dm-maj7 |Time goes slowly, but carries on. | | Dmaj7 A7 |And now the best years have come and gone. | | Dmaj7 |You took me by surprise. | | F E |I didn't realize that you were laughing. | | |D A D |Laughing - look what you're doing to me. | |D A D |Laughing - this ain't the way it should be. | | D E A |You took away everything I had, you put the hurt on me. | |(repeat last three lines) Verse 2: (same pattern as Verse 1) I go alone now calling your name after losing at the game. You took me by surprise. I didn't realize that you were laughing. (chorus) (ad lib to fade) Chords: EADGBE ------ A x02220 A7 x02020 D xx0232 Dmaj7 xx0222 Dm-maj7 xx0221 E 022100 F xx3211
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