Guess Who – Laughing tab ver. 2

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This is the first song I've ever really completely figured out.  Hope
you enjoy it.  If you find any mistakes please let me know.  

Also, if anyone has any the chords for Jim Croce's "I'll Have to Say I
Love You in a Song", I would greatly appreciate their posting (or emailing)


                       The Guess Who

Verse 1:x---------x------------x-----------------x------------------x- Ex---------x------------x-----------------x------------------x- Ax---------x------------x-----------------x------------------x- D6---------6------------6-----------------6------------------6- G5---------5------------6-----------------7------------------8- B5---------5------------5-----------------5------------------5- E I should laugh, but I cry, because your love has passed me by.
------------------x---------------------x---------------x----- E------------------x---------------------x---------------x----- A------------------x---------------------x---------------x----- D------------------6---------------------5---------------4----- G------------------7---------------------6---------------5----- B------------------5---------------------5---------------4----- EYou took me by surprise. You didn't realize that I was waiting.
Chorus: E A Dm-maj7 |Time goes slowly, but carries on. | | Dmaj7 A7 |And now the best years have come and gone. | | Dmaj7 |You took me by surprise. | | F E |I didn't realize that you were laughing. | | |D A D |Laughing - look what you're doing to me. | |D A D |Laughing - this ain't the way it should be. | | D E A |You took away everything I had, you put the hurt on me. | |(repeat last three lines) Verse 2: (same pattern as Verse 1) I go alone now calling your name after losing at the game. You took me by surprise. I didn't realize that you were laughing. (chorus) (ad lib to fade) Chords: EADGBE ------ A x02220 A7 x02020 D xx0232 Dmaj7 xx0222 Dm-maj7 xx0221 E 022100 F xx3211
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