Girlpool – Hire chords

G B7 A7 C x2 as arpeggios

G B7 A7 C Will I make the matinee?
G B7 With my newest life
A7 C And be that bright time
Em7 Em7/Eb Dsus4 C Ad———ver———tise what makes you crazy
Em7 Em7/Eb Dsus4 D7 So I can second guess my focus
C Are you gonna hire me?
G B7 A7 C I let you in
Em7 Em7/Eb Dsus4 C Somehow I sit down
Em7 Em7/Eb Dsus4 D7 Revoke the time and space for you to just
C Feel it in your name
G B7 A7 C Now I'm the ref and a phone call cutting out
G B7 A7 C Back on the bench I fall into the month I think about
G B7 A7 C How I sold seven doves when I was lying on your back
G B7 I'll meet you in the morning
A7 C Figure out what gets me past
G B7 A second in the shade
A7 C Fucking up a useful place
Em7 Em7/Eb Dsus4 C Pur———ga———tory... please me
G B7 A7 C I let it live like a payday of mine
G B7 I can't let it be
A7 C I'm high scoring memory
Em7 Em7/Eb Dsus4 D7 C Just a look at qui———et history
Em7 Em7/Eb Dsus4 D7 C [Solo] G B7 A7 C x2
Em7 Em7/Eb Dsus4 D7 C x2end on G
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