Girlpool – Lucys chords

[Verse 1]
D G CAn unfamiliar stage where you'd raaather stay
Em CA meditation plan when you sway and sink
D C Am CI want a fine downtown for the caroler who sounds
G CLike quiet when the sun goes dooown
[Instrumental 1] Em G F C Bm C Em D F C Bm C [Verse 2]
D CI swear I'll be alright, although Emily's in the sky
D C G CShe waters the ground with gin, she pours me out
G COnto the shadow of her home-state tree
G CShe's not ready to let it be
[Instrumental 2] Em D C D Bm C Em D F D Bm C [Bridge]
D Bm D CIn awe with the medals you burned for someone's heart
D Bm Em CA scene I kept dreaming made me swollen and sharp
[Instrumental 3] Em D C D Am C Em G F D Bm C G Em
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