Good Luck – A Song To Comfort The Sick chords

[Verse 1]
D A BmI‘m weighing down the covers of my bed.
D A G A7I feel so heavy from the silence of what wasn't said.
D A Bm GThough it's dark in here I see fluorescent lights above your head,
D A Gmaking me green cause they're looking over you instead.
[Verse 2]
D A Bm A D A GOh how I wish I was a helpful one.
A D A Bm A D A G ABut I can't be the one who's hovering 'round always asking you what's wrong.
D A Bm A D A GThis distance grew up carelessly but how easily it keeps me
A G A D Gfrom needing to be there when you need me there.
A G DI hope when you need me there I'll show up again
[Interlude] D A Bm A D A G [Verse 3]
A D A Bm A D A GAnd keep you warm and make the bed
A D A Bm A G Aand hold a washcloth to your perspirating forehead.
D A Bm GBut you think a lover, not a friend, will drive those secret demons in
D A Gthough the silence is the place that they begin.
[Verse 4]
A D A Bm A D A GOh yes the silence is the place that they begin.
A D A Bm A D A GI spent a lot of time just figuring that out, friend.
A D A Bm A D A GSo if there's something wrong inside me I hope some other soul will find me
A G A D Ghere in this aging set of skin,
A G A D G'cause these are the bodies we're stuck in.
A G A D GAnd if I had it all to do again
A G A D GI'd have driven over before they checked you in
[Outro] A G A D G [x6]
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