Good Luck – Stars Were Exploding chords

E B A E C#m F# A B  x2

[Verse 1]
E B The stars were exploding,
A E One by one they flicker and they fall
C#m F# Into Lake Griffy
A B You counted them all.
[Verse 2]
E B Seven times he called your name,
A E Then ten more and the sky shut it self off.
C#m F# In the darkness we wondered
A B E Will that be enough? Will that be enough?
[Instrumental] E B A E C#m F# A B [Verse 3]
E B You dove down to the bottom.
A E The very bottom where all things go to die.
C#m F# Everyone wanted to hold him,
A B Wanted to feel alive.
[Verse 4]
E B So we gathered up the broken stars,
A E Lit a spark, put them back up in the sky.
C#m F# If you can wish on their falling,
A B E Imagine what you can do bringing them back to life
[Outro] E B A E C#m F# A B x2
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