Graham Coxon – Latte chords

(Loosely picked)

EmE|---0------|------------|B|---0------|-0h1--------|G|---0--0---|-0h2-0h2----| [x4]D|---------2|-----0h2----|A|-2-------2|--------0h2-|E|-0-------0|--------0---|
Am Em Stretched into a form that would hurt your eyes to see
D Am Em She made coffee latte and smiled at me
B7 Am Em But then again she smiled at everybody
Em D Am EmWhen I leave that place I'm always speeding, so much coffee in my brain a-bleeding
Am EmA quickened step and a stomach reeling
B7 Am EmFrom thoughts of her lips I wish mine were feeling
************************************ | h Hammer-on ************************************
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