Guy Smith – Old Wounded And Dangerous chords

[Verse 1]
Am EYou left me alone, you left me for dead
Am ERipped out my heart and smiled as I slowly bled
Am EAnd I’m crippled, and I’m sprawled out on the track
Am EAnd you walk away without even looking back
Am GI struggle each and every day
C BbSearch through my pain for the words to say
Am GI don’t want to live in this hell, but I must
C Bb F‘Cause you left me, and I’m old, wounded and dangerous
[Verse 2]
Am EYour ghost chases me through whiskey soaked dreams
Am EI guess our past is not what it seemed to me
Am EAnd my future is black as night, a pointless charade
Am EGrowing darker still as your memory fades
Am GGod I don’t know why I even try
C BbI should just walk off the bridge and float out with the tide
Am GLeft my soul slowly turn to rust
C Bb F‘Cause you left me old, wounded and dangerous
[Verse 3]
Am EBut somehow, somehow I know I will survive
Am EEven though my hope is near death, it still alive
Am EBut no matter where I go in the world, no matter how far
Am EMy heart will lay in tatters, and I’ll wear your scars
Am GLiving well ain’t no God damned revenge
C BbAnd pain isn’t cured with a Wild Turkey binge
Am GFor me it was love and perfect trust
C Bb FNow you left me, and I’m old, wounded and dangerous
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