Guy Smith – Rains Rust chords

Am C GI might feel the pain, if I wasn't so damn tired
Am C DBut I spent the whole night long drawing enemy fire
Am C GI know you're home tonight babe, wish I was there with you, but my
Am C DTour in hell, it ain't nearly through
Am C G AmOver here, the sky rains rust
Am C GCalled in a gun truck to clean out a rats nest, those boys
Am C DLeveled it to the ground, there wasn't nothin' left
Am C GWalked in to clean up their mess, it was a sickening pile, Stacking
Am C DBodies of combatants, women and a child
Am C GKeep our boy next to you mama, keep him safe
Am C D'Cuz I swear I saw his ghost in that dead child's face
Am C G AmThe children here, their sky rain rust
Dm AmIve grown numb to the screams and moans, even
C GIn this band of brothers, I feel so all alone
Dm AmIt takes a hard man to fight this war
C G AmIf you weren't hard when you landed here, you will be if you get home
Am C GTripped an I-E-D today, and I just walked away
Am C DDidn't catch a single piece of the burning flack
Am C GTell Rose that Jimmy wasn't so lucky this time
Am C DWe poured him into a body bag, in a week she'll get him back
Am C G AmToday Jimmy's sky rained rust
Am C GLost my photo of you in an enemy raid
Am C DFading memories of us almost keep me sane
Am C GDance through oil field fires, choke on the dust
Am C DOver here the skies are always raining rust
Am C GThis dirty little war has turned the world to rust
Am C GYeah, this whole battle field is nothing but rust
Am C GI can feel my soul grinding down to rust
Am C D AmYeah, the skies over here, the skies rain rust
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