Hank Green – Phineas Gage chords

Not sure if these are 100% correct, but i was watching Hank play and it looked and 
sounded like this was what he was playing. 
Standard tuning

D C GOh, Phineas Gage was 25 years old in 1848.
D C GAnd he liked his job, working at the railroad, but he had another fate.
D CHe was blasting rock when something distracted him.
D CAnd he forgot to put the tamping sand in.
D C GHe shoved the tamping rod into that little hole onto the blasting powder.
D C GAnd suddenly his entire left frontal lobe had been turned into clam chowder.
D C G D C GOh this is the story of Phineas Gage, who was stabbed in the brain.
D C G D C GAnd once your frontal lobe has been destroyed, you can never go home again.
And so on. DFTBA
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