Hank Williams – Lost Highway chords

                     Lost Highway - Hank Williams

Tabbed by: Dave S. 
Email: prime-prine@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

D G DI'm a rollin' stone all alone and lost
D AFor a life of sin I have paid the cost
G DWhen I pass by all the people say
A DJust another boy down the lost highway
D G DJust a deck of cards and a jug of wine
AAnd a woman's lies makes a life like mine
G DFor the day we met I went astray
A DI started rolling down that lost highway
GD I was just a lad nearly 22
ANeither good nor bad just a kid like you
G DAnd now I'm lost too late to pray
A DLord I take a cost oh the lost highway
G DNow boy's dont start to ramblin' round
AOn this road of sin are you sorrow bound
G DTake my advice or you'll curse the day
A DYou started rollin' down that lost highway
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