Harry Connick Jr – Wink And A Smile chords

Wink And A Smile Chords 
E7 A6 A Dm I remember the days of just keeping time
A F# D Fdim - Bm7-5 - E7Of hanging around in sleepy towns forever,
E7 A Edim Bm7-5 Back roads emp - ty for miles.
E7 A6 A Dm Well, you can't have a dream and cut it to fit;
A AM7 F# D Fdim E7But when I saw you, I knew -- we'd go together
E7 A Like a wink and a smile.
Bridge 1:
D9 A D9 ALeave your old Jalopy by the railroad track
F#m F#m+7 F#m7 Cdim B7 F7 E7We'll get a hip double dip tip-toppy two-seat Pon - ti - ac.
A6 A Dm Dm+7So you can rev her up -- don't go slow
A AM7 F# It's only green lights and alrights
D Fdim E7 E7/9 E7 E7/6 ALet's go together with a wink and a smile
(Instrumental interlude: first two lines of verse)
A Edim Bm7-5 E7Give me a wink and a smile.
(Instrumental interlude: first two lines of verse)
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