All These People chords with lyrics by Harry Connick Jr - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Harry Connick Jr – All These People chords

Intro: (strumming Bbm)

Db Eb Bbm DbI never saw nothing like that before in my life
Eb BbmI hope I never see it again
[Verse 1]
DbThere were all these people
Eb BbmOh just waiting there
DbThere were all these people
Db FmOh just waiting there for someone
Gm7 Dm7But nobody came, nobody saw
Gm7 Dm7Cause nobody wanted to go there at all
DbThere were all these people
Eb BbmOh waiting there
[Verse 2]
DbI was so damned scared
Eb BbmI held hands with a crazy man
DbI was so damned scared
Eb FmI held hands and bonded with the crazy man
Gm7 Dm7But he wasn't crazy, and I wasn't scared
Gm7 Dm7We were just brothers to sit there and stare
Db Eb BbmAt all those people waiting there
[Verse 3]
Db EbWell the first two people we saw
BbmLeft the way they came
Db EbI grabbed my brothers hand
FmNeither one of us could barely stand the shame
Gm7 Dm7Two of them, the two of us
Gm7Lying in water
Dm7Living in dust
Db Eb BbmSo were all these people waiting there
[Verse 4]
Db EbWell the guy that showed me home
BbmWas by a stranger's hand
Db EbAnd I carried on a moment
FmJust for the soul of a country man
Gm7 Dm7I never knew you, I never stayed
Gm7I ain't gonna leave it
Dm7Nothing to pay
Db Eb BbmAll those people waiting there
[Verse 5]
Db EbWell the next time I went down
BbmThere was no one there
Db EbAnd I wondered if my brother
FmHad bought another piece of land
Gm7 Dm7One day a stranger, one day my kin
Gm7 Dm7I thought I'd never see him again
Db Eb BbmJust like all those people waiting there
[Outro] Bbm
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