Healey Jeff – Angel Eyes tab

From: tinus@utctu1.ct.utwente.nl (Martijn Oversteegen)

Angel Eyes (John Hiatt), Jeff Healey Band
From the album See the Light

riff I C G Fe-----------------------------B-----5-----3-------1---------G-------5-----4-------2-------D---5-----5-----5-------3-----A-3---------------5-------(3)-E-----------------------------
Intro; riff I 4x C Em Fmaj7 G Girl, you're looking fine tonight C Em Fmaj7 G And every guy has got you in his sight F Em Dm C What you're doing with a clown like me F Em D7 Is surely one of life's little mysteries CHORUS; C Em So tonight I'll ask F G The stars above C Em F G "How did I ever win your love?" F C What did I do, E Am What did I say F C G C To turn your angel eyes my way riff I 2x C Em Fmaj7 G Well I'm the guy never learned to dance C Em Fmaj7 G Never even got one second glance F Em Dm C Across the crowded room was close enough F Em D7 I could look but I could never touch CHORUS F C F C Don't anyone wake me Dm7 Am7 If it's just a dream F C 'cause she's the best thing Am Ever happened to me F C All you fellows Dm7 Am You can look all you like Dm Em But this girl, you see, she leaving here F G with me tonight SOLO C Em Fmaj7 G Um, there's just one more thing I need to know C Em Fmaj7 G If this is love, why does it scare me so? F Em Dm C It must be something only you can see F Em D7 'cause girl I feel it when you look at me CHORUS (2x) ----------- Solo (as usual, p=pull, h=hammer, b=bend, /=slide up, \=slide down);
C C G Fe-8---------------|-------------------------|-B---12p10p8-----8-|-------------------------|-G-----------7/9---|-7/9-9\7p5-7-5------7----|-D-----------------|---------------7h10---10-|-A-----------------|-------------------------|-E-----------------|-------------------------|-
C G F C G Fe----------8----10b(10)p8-10p8-|-8----------5p3------------|--B-----8h10---10----------------|---10p8-8\5-----5---5------|--G-7/9--------------------------|------------------7---7-5-7/9-D------------------------------|---------------------------|--A------------------------------|---------------------------|--E------------------------------|---------------------------|--
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