Healey Jeff – Full Circle tab

The intro is: C G Bb F

C                            Bb C

You give me anything you got

                          Bb C

And then you take it away

                                 Bb C

You know you're drivin' me crazy

                             Bb Am

How long will I have to pay

                      Bb                C    Bb C  C5   Bb5  Am

You keep me waiting endlessly in this misery

                          Bb            F  G  <-For this G play G in low

Arround and 'round your lovin' goes.             E strig and then the
 higher 3

                                                 strings of the chord

G  <-Same as before                C   G   Bb  F <- as intro

Where it stops ain't nobody knows

Chorus: C G Bb F as intro

Full circle. 

You got me runnig while you keep me standing still

Full circle.                             


Anything you want me to do you, girl you know I will

The rest of the song is the same. I will post the intro and the solo when

have time. Suggestions and corrections are welcome .

Enjoy it.

Nestor Sanz
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