Hermans Hermits - Man With The Cigar tab

A                                                  C            G
The man with the cigar walked on up to where I was workin' this mornin'
A                                              F
The man with the cigar said that I was workin' too slow
    C                                     A
and if I didn't speed it up, he'd have to let me go

2.I'm workin' like a dog, so why's he always hangin' around me to hound me?
He's pushing me too far, & pretty soon my back is gonna break
I've taken all that I can take from the man with the cigar

G                   D
I need this job & I need it bad
G                  C                D
That's why I gotta keep myself from gettin' mad
A                        C                            G
The man with the cigar, I hope he doesn't push me too far
G                     D
Yeah the man with the cigar
Yeah the man with the cigar
Yeah the man with the cigar 

Solo:E------------------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------------------------|G-4-4-2-2-1----4-4-2-1-0---4/1-1---4-4-2-2-1-1----4-4-2-1-0----3------2--|D-----------2----------------------------------0-------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------------|the solo i'm not sure of, but it's close
another ace tab from santyclaws
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