Hersh Kristin – Close Your Eyes tab

Intro: Em, A {play twice}

Em              A
    You can't make it
Em             A
    You can't cry
Em              A                 Em      A
    You can't make it home tonight

Em                   A
    It's too far to walk
Em                    A 
    To your god damn van
Em                    A                Em     A 
    It's too hard to come by your hand

Drunk on nothing
Drunk all night 
Mad at nothing, close your eyes

You could run on iron lungs
It would not keep you clean
Run on iron lungs
It would keep you sons of bitches clean

You think that they don't shatter you
You think that `til they go
You think that don't comfort you now...go home

You can walk in moolight 
You can dance inside
You can dance in moonlight
Close your eyes

*******NOTE:Those chords I gave you will stop here as you will know if you
have heard the song. From here on I am lost in all the picking and I'm too
lazy to figure it out.**********

Stop...you ruined all my memories
You ruined all my memories
I wanna catch the falling babies
I'm falling into you
My hair's in your face
Eyes on your eyes
Hands on my back
I can't leave

A guy's asking questions about me
My hands are full of straw
I'm sliding really fast 
My hands are full of snow
I don't understand puzzles
I can't breathe
Close your eyes

E-mail me at rose@sprintlink.co.za if my words are wrong. I just played the
tape and wrote down what I think she said, so I'm not sure if I heard right.
The key I'm using is wrong too, but will sound right if you don't play along
with the cd\tape.
Mail me if you get any more Kristin Hersh tabs\chords besides the ones on
the OLGA!!!
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