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From rose@sprintlink.co.za Fri Jul 12 14:01:59 1996
From: Guy 

I figured this out a few min's ago and just had to post it, as it is a
brillant song, one of my favorites. 
The whole song has only two chords, but I don't know their names. These
chords are: 007760 (I'll call it a "Am") and 007780 (I'll call it "Asus4").

Artist: Kristin Hersh
Song: The Letter
Album: Hips And Makers

Intro:Am, Asus4 x 2

             Am   Asus4
September 29, 1984. Dear so and so
Am                        Asus4
  Gather me up because I'm lost
Or am I back where I started from
     Asus4                            Am
I'm crawling on the floor rolling on the ground
        Asus4            Am       Asus4
I might cry,  I won't go home 

I am turning up in circles
And I'm spinning on my knuckles
       Am                           Asus4
Don't forget there are circles left undone 
And very close to me
       Asus4      Am
Forgive me, comfort me  
     Asus4                            Am             Asus4
I'm crawling on the floor, rolling on the ground 

There's a blanket wrapped around my head
I'm moving in a line that's shaped like this 
I'm...I'm holding in my breath
I have a room 
Can you tell if I am lying
Don't forget I'm living inside the space where walls and floor meet
There's a box inside my chest 
An animal stuffed with my frustrations
Can you hear me?

Don;t forget that I'm alone when you're away
You make me act like another people, do forgive me
Comfort me, you comfort me, you make me cry 
I'm gonna cry, I won't go home

Doooooooooonnnnnnn't kill the god of sadness 
Just don't let her get you down
See the man inside a book I read can't handle his own head
So what the hell am I supposed to do?
I wonder how he died
My hands are shaking, don't you love me anymore
I only need a person, keep my shoulders
Stand around, lie down, move your hand above the floor

Gather me up because I'm lost
Or am I back where I started from
I'm crawling on the floor, rolling on the ground
I'm gonna cry, you look for me

Love Kristin
P.S. Keep them coming

I'm not sure if it's right, but it sounds alot like it. 
Mail me at: rose@sprintlink.co.za if you have the proper version or if you
have any other Kristin Hersh songs from her album Hips And Makers (besides
the songs already on the OLGA).
Guy Buttery
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