Hersh Kristin – Uncle June tab

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Date: Mon, 3 Jul 1995 23:23:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: Edmond Hum 
Subject: TAB: "Uncle June and Aunt Kiyoti" by Kristin Hersh

uncle june and aunt kiyoti

by kristin hersh
from 'your ghost - ep' or 'strings (CDW 45667)'
transcribed by edmond hum (rlp@interlog.com)


Am F e---------------------|--------1--------| b--------------1------|----------1------| g------0h2p0h2---2----|------2-----2----| d----2-------------2--|----3---------3--| a--0------------------|--3--------------| e---------------------|-----------------|
C G F G e---------------|------3----|------1--|--3--------| b------0h1p0----|--------0--|---------|----3------| g------------0--|----0------|----2----|------4----| d----2----------|-----------|--3------|--------5--| a--3------------|-----------|---------|-----------| e---------------|--3--------|---------|-----------|
e------------|| b--0---------|| g----0-------|| d------0-----|| a------------|| e------------||
---start--- ------------ Am F [2x] C G F G [2x] ------------ Am F Lying all night, screaming in pain Am F Defending the cross in the Belfast rain C G F G But Billy saw me at the end of the street C G F G So I lit up my torch and embraced him with heat Am F ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? 340 AD Am F Threw me in a quarry no way to get free C G F G I called on Hank to give me my life C G F G And he came on his black horse Obsidian Knife Am F It happened one night, I was lying in bed Am F Eyes wide open, I could have been dead C G F G Sky lady came with her eyes shining brightly C G F G And the bears and the billies and the police took flight Am F But I called them all back, and the sky lady too Am F The bears and the billies and the police, me and you C G F G We laid down our bombs and bows C G F G And drank to their health on the Anatolian plateau Am F From New Scotland to Calgary Am F The geese are high and so are we C G F G We don't even need a map C G F G We're way too fast for the highway trap Am F So hit the road, and shine a light Am F I think we're going to find a path tonight C G F G Shooting star and the moon is bad C G F G It's the best damn omen that we ever had ------- Am F Am ------- ---end---
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